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About Merkle Computers

Merkle Computers was founded 2010.


Richard Merkle - Owner & Chief Technician

Brian Sackrider - Support Staff


We have experience in software, and computer maintenance, including:

Malware/Virus Removal

Using powerful scans and manual techniques, we remove undesired symptoms such as extra advertisements, webpage redirection or sluggishness.

Diagnosis of Hardware

We will conduct tests on the PC to verify the cause of the symptoms plaguing the computer. Fee applies completely towards repair and can be adjusted to lower cost at the expense of thoroughness.

Installation of Hardware

Regardless of the issue with the PC, you can contact us to so we can provide you with a general idea of what is causing your computer to not operate properly.

Software Installiation

We will help you install your new software and teach you as to what folder your files are stored to.

Storage Device Replacement

Using software designed to rescue data from failing devices, we copy your data to a new drive to remedy issues with Windows not booting, crashing or becoming unresponsive.

Password Removal

We can remove a local Windows account password or reset a Microsoft Account password to allow you back into a PC in which the password has been misplaced.

Building Computers

We can build you a new computer using parts your provide or we can go out with you to help you pick the parts to your new computer building it to your specifications.

O0nsite, Remote or Phone Support

We can travel to your location to set up networking devices or for convenience. Remote or phone support is offered for scenarios in which transporting the computer to our shop is not practical.



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